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If we're the right fit together, we will propel your credibility and free up some of your valuable time.  

Meet Mark Weeks

I have to admit, I've been lucky for the best part of my life, and the inevitable downward spirals we all face have offered me amazing life lessons and opportunities.

All of which have had a tremendous influence on my view of the world. I've seen the best in people and the worst. I've had great teachers and mentors, and very bad ones. I've put too much faith in others to lead the way, when I knew in my heart I should have made a stand.  

Now, I wish to share my creativity and copywriting experience with you, plus if you wish, a few life lessons and stories too.

Get in touch and see how we can help strengthen your brand.

'The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.' 

~ Thomas Jefferson 

Our Process

We work a little differently than most marketing and copywriting authorities. Firstly, you don't start by buying a plan and then we throw basic content at you.  

You and your business are unique. We'll work with you to select the most beneficial ideas for your budget, timeline and goals. Then, we research and start implementing - while you sit back and look after business. 

Long story short...

On a personal note, Mark's ultimate pursuit is writing fictional personal transformation novels that you'll find in any book shop. He's getting close. Take a look at his latest book on Amazon Code of the Conqueror - The Journey. Or to receive a FREE Digital Download CLICK HERE

But in the meantime, our small team of writers, editors, marketers and video maker want to help others create a little more freedom in their lives.

Let's work together

We're excited to start brainstorming ideas for your website and marketing campaigns. Get a free initial consultation to chat with Mark Weeks and let's create inspiring ideas to take your business to another level.

Where's the harm in trying a different approach to marketing:)

Come join us in our little corner of the Universe. 

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