'The age of commerce has succeeded to the age of chivalry,

and the influence of this spirit is to be discovered ... '

~ Domenico Alberto Azuni

1747 - 1827

Author of Maritime Law of Europe and a lawyer for Emperor Napoleon

The Perfect Book Funnel for Authors

Azuni World is a small book marketing business dedicated to helping authors create successful and engaging book funnels to grow their platform.

As a publisher with bookfunnels.com we are able to offer competitive rates compared to mid-range author's.

Plus we handle promos, book swaps and provide an email service to keep your readers in the loop. You also have inclusion in our Azuni World newsletter, Azuni.blog and Facebook pages and groups. We also create Facebook ads to reach thousands of potential readers.

Our services are headed by Mark Weeks, a six-time Best Selling Amazon author who understands the ins and outs of creating an effective book funnel that can help bring success to any author’s work.

We understand how difficult it is for authors to get noticed among the millions of books published, so we specialise in creating high-quality book funnels, email campaigns, and book promotions - to give authors a greater edge.

By combining our marketing experience with our technical know-how, we create custom book funnels that help authors gain more exposure and increase sales.

Our mission is to help authors grow their platform and improve their sales.

* We will build you a lead magnet through book funnels.

* Promote your lead magnet and collect readers emails.

* Use our email marketing platform to stay in touch with readers.

* Through the power of mutuality your work will be shared.

All through a cost effective monthly plan.

That you can cancel anytime.


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Meet Mark Weeks

Confessions of a ragged trousered author:

As modest as I am:) having six best-selling titles on Amazon sounds impressive.

But, let me share a little secret …

We all know the vast majority of authors are lucky to sell a few hundred books, and then literally overnight, they fade into the darkest recesses of Amazon; never to be read again.

Nonetheless, writing is my obsession, yet I knew I’d be lucky to sell a few hundred copies. But, I felt a little reward would be nice. So I began thinking differently.

Not having the luxury of a big budget to promote myself I felt using Amazon’s promotional tools were the key. So I created free book promotions for all of my titles.

Yes. I gave away everything I’d worked months and months on away for free. All in the hope it would reach number one in its category.

This approach has worked five-times. (My first number one was published by a small publisher – who knew their stuff).

Writing books can be an expensive hobby, as you may well know. You'll need a great cover, excellent editor, extra software to present and promote yourself effectively.

And, just as importantly, discipline, to keep going – if only for twenty-minutes a day.

I know it sounds a little egotistical to say you’re a best-selling Amazon author. But I’d only say this to like-minded people, or joke with friends at work when I’m doing some rubbish job, you’d expect an apprentice or labourer to be doing! 😊

And for me, being self-employed and spending time either building, writing, mentoring, or creating websites doesn’t make the slightest difference whether I'm a best selling author. Though it gives me a little confidence when I put myself in front of my peers – like now:)

The great thing about my little experiment is that it can work for you too.

Here’s a couple of quick tips to consider when choosing a free book promotion:

·        Do your homework and checkout the competition.

·        Choose the most suitable category and sub-categories; add an obscure one too - if you can get away with it.

·        Timing: Does you book feature a particular time of the year? Is there an important day in the calendar when people maybe searching for books like yours? If not, maybe choose a weekend launch when people have more time on their hands.

·        Check what is number one in each category and if its promotion is coming to an end. They usually last around four days.

·        Possibly consider changing category if there is no traction after a day. Not sure how many times you can do this. But, I recall I did once.

·        Ensure you are in suitable Facebook groups. Interact, post, share and like others posts.

·        Keep up to speed on your Facebook and LinkdIn networks. Like and share others stuff too. It doesn’t cost a penny to be nice!

·        For the days the promotion runs become as thick-skinned as a politician. Post regularly on all of your favoured social media sites. Plus email, text and call friends.

·        Nudge friends again. Nudge people on social media (again). Don’t be shy. It’s only four days out of 365 that you’re going to be a pain in the arse.

·        Voila! You are now an Amazon bestseller. Don’t forget to say thank you to all those that helped!

The books I wrote to become best sellers were all pretty short. More like novella’s, I was told. (Before I knew what a novella was!:))

I’m currently finishing my first historic novel. And must admit it’s pretty hard going to find time. But I’m getting there. And will probably use the above method to get a little traction. I’d love to make it seven time best selling Amazon author. But that might be my ego talking😊


Please stay in touch and let me know if you try a free book promotion.

Also, see if our approach to book funnels works for you too. I’ve always believed in the power of mutuality for authors and creators!

Goodluck 😊

'Mark has created a wonderful e-book of my blog articles, which looks very professional and is easy to present to my clients. I would recommend Mark's work to everyone who needs a great copywriter with a friendly personality.'

~ Lina Kochanske

Holistic Wellness Coaching for busy professionals

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Our Process

We work a little differently than most book marketing authorities.

You and your books are unique. We'll work with you to select the most beneficial ideas for your budget, timeline and goals. Then, we research and start implementing - while you sit back and look after writing.

To get your book out there above the noise, your words must be crafted in a planned and deliberate way. Your tone must radiate confidence, communicate effectively and set you up as the go-to author in your genre.

Of course as a writer you know this. Yet by brainstorming with our small team we hope you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Get in touch and discover a different way to do business. After all, writing books is your business.

'The most valuable of all talents is that of never using

two words when one will do.' 

~ Thomas Jefferson 

Long story short...

On a personal note, Mark's ultimate pursuit is writing fictional styled personal transformation books full-time. Plus selling his Age of Heroes novels to Netflix too:)

Take a look at one of his books available on Amazon: Code of the Conqueror - The Journey. Or receive a FREE Digital Download CLICK HERE

But in the meantime, our small team of writers, proof readers, editors and video wizard wish to help you gain more followers and loyal readers.

Get in touch and let us link our knowledge to your passion.

Let's work together.

Give us the opportunity to start brainstorming ideas for your lead magnet and marketing campaigns.

Receive two free consultations to chat with Mark Weeks and let us create inspiring ideas to take your writing business to another level.

Where's the harm in trying a different approach to marketing:)

* We will build you a lead magnet through book funnels.

* Promote your lead magnet and collect readers emails.

* Use our email marketing platform to stay in touch with readers.

* Through the power of mutuality your work will be shared.

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