Do You Really Need A Copywriter?

By Mark Weeks

Let's find out. With a little help from your friend's cousin's half-brother's sister-in-law you might be able to cobble something together. 

And just maybe, you might get your website up and running; millions of people have done it before you. So of course you can achieve it.

So far so good:)

It's great to be published. But it's even greater to be seen!  

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating the scenario. But I'm sure you get the gist. We all know someone who can jumble a few sentences together. They may want compensating in some form; a beer, a Chinese take-away, who knows. You can rest assure it will be cheap. 

If you're starting out, I would even suggest this route for a side hustle, or even to gauge if you have the desire to pursue your dream. 

But, if you already have a business and wish to create a true presence online you might be risking your reputation.

Effort doesn't always equal results.

Over nine years ago I would spend far too much effort getting a website published. 

It would take me months ensuring everything was meticulous. The business concepts were great too, even if I say so myself:) 

Finally I would get around to marketing, whilst the sites languished in the darkest recesses of the web; unnoticed and unloved. Back then I was chief-cook and bottlewasher and though I enjoyed my work it slowly drained me.

In my mind I was saving money, but in reality it was costing me money and I was too stubborn. Unwittingly though, I was learning lessons and valuable skills I'm able to pass onto others, so they can get results quickly.

The Right Way Forward.

You must build a cost-effective team and delegate to those who have a deep passion for their work. There are no half-measures.

Even if we might not be the right fit to work together, that's fine, but there's someone out there who can drive you and your business forward. And, I gaurantee it will not be a friend of a friend who will propel you to your next level.

Let's talk.

Of course, it takes more than copywriting to create a successful business. You already know it takes persistence, sacrifice and lots of hardwork. 

But, it also takes being less stubborn and open to new ideas. 

And to influence your audience and position yourself as the go-to-authority, you need a cost effective writing service at your disposal, someone who has trodden the narrow pathway before you, and is willing to share more than copywriting ideas.

Mark Weeks Author, Publisher & Copywriter

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© Mark Weeks 2020