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How does Azuni World help authors grow their email lists and reach more readers?

We build well-crafted lead magnets primarily through And exchange an author’s free book for a reader’s email address.

The chosen book can be in either PDF, Kindle or E-Pub format. Or all three.

Our authors have the option of using our email writing service or keep in contact directly themselves.

Azuni World use ConvertKit to collate emails.

How do Azuni World market an author’s book? have an extensive list of authors who share other author’s work through book swaps and book shares. Mostly geared through email lists.

We have a growing email list and a good WordPress following. Plus, a great Facebook and Twitter following through several pages we operate.

Azuni World also own several blogging platforms for authors and creators that we have grown organically over the past two years.

We will also carry out Facebook and Instagram ads for our brand and blogs; featuring our author clients.

Having a book funnel is a great tool to have in your overall marketing strategy. And it will drip feed new readers into your world over time - but it should not be your primary focus.

How does Azuni World create successful and engaging book funnels for authors?

Edit, edit, edit and A/B testing. We believe in keeping our lead magnets short and concise.

We will request authors original blurb, reviews and book cover. Plus we view latest trends on Amazon and major book sites.


Can Azuni World help newbie authors with a small following?

Yes. Though a book funnel works well for an author with two to three titles under their belt. Yet a new author can consider the following strategies.

i)  Give their first book away for free whilst working on book two. And then guiding readers to their Amazon page for their next book.

ii) Craft a short story or Novella as a lead magnet. As writers, we are renowned for having old stories hidden away on our laptops. Take a good look. Dust one off, give it a little refresh. Add a new cover and hey presto!

iii) Curate an out of copyright book. Check out for ideas.

iv) Create a ‘cheat sheet’. We don’t really like that word, but far more people do. Create something of value that will help solve a problem. Two to five pages will be long enough to hold readers attention. This will keep them waiting for more great information. We have an extensive range of Public Label Rights (PLR’s) if you’re struggling with ideas – just ask us for ideas.

From newbie to seasoned self-published authors being proactive within your own circles of influence is paramount. Share your funnel on every platform imaginable. We can help if you feel a little stuck. The more you tell the more you sell:)


How does Azuni World tailor its services to meet the needs of authors at different stages of their careers?

Obviously, you don’t wish to give all your work away. Afterall, the whole concept of a funnel is to gently guide readers to your future books and sales page. With this in mind we can create landing pages linked directly to your book’s sales page. Be it Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your own website.

Our email marketing service helps pool all authors together in sharing their work with a larger audience.


Is Azuni World only focused on book marketing, or do they offer other services, such as editorial services or book design?

Our small Team Azuni primarily focuses on creating lead magnets and emails.

But we have a growing band of trusted professionals who we recommend, from an editor, proof reader and video maker - for epic book trailers.

We can also point you in the right direction for book designs and a podcast introduction service.

How much does an Azuni book funnel cost?

To keep things simple we currently have only one plan.

But you can pay annually and save £36.

We will also offer clients an email writing service – which authors can dip in and out as they feel necessary.

£9/mo Billed Annually £108

Or £12 month to month

Custom Landing Page

Collect Reader Email Addresses

Share Book and Automate 'Thank You' Response

Featured Weekly in Azuni Email Newsletter

Group Promos via

Featured weekly in

Book Gifting

Funnel Link Shared Weekly on Facebook

5,000 Downloads/Month

Distribute Audio MP3

Verified Amazon Review

Book Featured on Azuni Homepages.

Yes you will receive all of the above from just £9/mo Billed Annually £108.

Or £12 month to month.

Why don't we charge more?

It's simple, we do the heavy lifting and put the work in up front to build long term relationships.

Arrange a call back at


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The job isn't done until you're seeing results.

On either payment plan - you will receive a 30 day free trial. Starting from when your funnel is approved and live.

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