Mark Weeks


Code of the Conqueror - Book 1

By Mark Weeks

There comes a time in life when you need a little direction. A little spiritual lift, you might say, followed by a swift kick up the backside! ​ Many pay good money for such a thing. But today, you can get yours for FREE.

Join hapless entrepreneur Alex, as he encounters the wise old sage Yelu Bao-Zhi. Neither, will be the same again:)

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    HHere's what you'll learn ... 

    * The Six Great Desires

    * Genghis Khan's quest for Complete Perfection 

    * How to become mindful of your desires

    * How to create a life of fulfillment

    * Mind Management Practices 

    * How to control emotions  


    ''This is an excellent and empowering book. Mark juxtaposes the heartfelt cry of an anguished soul recovering from a broken heart with the quest to change, learn and grow. Some answers are provided by a fictional mentor drawing on wisdoms from many ancient traditions/faiths. It is writing which is brave and original, deep and yet with a humorous lighter touch. I thoroughly recommend it.'' 


    A Book For Life.

    We all know the saying: when the pupil is ready, the teacher will show. In this case, the book will reveal a new way of life only if you are ready to accept it. 

    These timeless thoughts and lessons have inspired leaders over the centuries to dare to believe and achieve the seemingly impossible. This is the way of the conqueror. Now, let it be you.

    Now, let it be you.

    Back Cover of Code of the Conqueror

    A Word From The Author - Mark Weeks

    “These ancient teachings and wisdom reveal what every slightly wornout adult already knows – life is suffering and littered with temptation. Nonetheless, many fail to grasp that a freer and happier life still remains within their capabilities, but it isn’t secured by filling up on the hearts every desire. No, freedom is only achieved by disciplining yourself to remove desire.”

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